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Who is Satoshi(WIS) is a metaverse brand with a collection of utility PFPs and also a Web3 social app(WIS APP) with inbuilt Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements.

The Who is Satoshi NFT is a collection that aims to bring together people who have faith in Bitcoin and are passionate about crypto economy, Web3, NFT art. The NFT design of the Who is Satoshi finds elegance and fun in simplicity, believes in encryption culture, and enjoys and advocates its own life.

BSC Rainbow


After a few years, everyone who has devoted themselves to Crypto has already achieved financial freedom and lived bored in the Satoshi Metaverse.

Everyone plays with friends of WIS club all over the world every day, and various Hash Parties are being held all over the world, and the partners dance a simple, ancient and mysterious dance POW together!

No one knows the real meaning of POW, and there is no way to know the origin of Hash Party. According to legend, this ancient dance will continue to create mysterious symbols and bring wealth to the participants.

There is such a legend in the Satoshi Metaverse, that the creator of Crypto, Satoshi, created this universe through POW, and people's enthusiastic participation in POW also constantly resists the entropy increase of Satoshi Metaverse, maintaining the stability and security of the entire world .

Who is Satoshi:

There is still no conclusion about who Satoshi is.

According to the derivation of the ancient dance steps of POW, many people believe that Satoshi is the YouTube celebrity Caleb Marshall (Note: YouTube is an ancient WEB2.0 video application), and the dance steps in his channel 'The Fitness Marshall' are exactly the same as the POW that has been passed down to this day. .

But there are also different rumors. Satoshi is actually a person named Liu Keng-Hung from a mysterious eastern country. During a special period of self-isolation, he realized the mysterious dance of POW and obtained the wealth code of the metaverse.


In November 2008, a paper signed by Satoshi Nakamoto was published online under the title "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System". The paper details how to use a peer-to-peer network to create a "trustless electronic transaction system".

Bitcoin is the first encrypted electronic currency, the starting point of the encryption community, and the foundation of Ethereum, NFT, and Web3 later. It features the use of cryptography to control the creation and management of money, rather than relying on a specific central authority. However, the technology and concepts behind Bitcoin are not all new; Satoshi Nakamoto combined many existing ideas from the digital punk community to create Bitcoin.

Today, the Satoshi Chain MainNet is about to go online, and Bitcoin believers are full of new expectations. We have recreated this new and unique PFP project at this point in time through a pixelated style with a nostalgic and punk feel. It aims to express the crowd spirit of the Satoshi Community and to present a new and unique expression to this community.

The total circulation of Bitcoin is 21 million. To pay tribute to Bitcoin that opened up the entire encryption world, we used a fixed program algorithm to create 21,000 unique images. We do not make any perceived intervention in the results created by the program, to deliberately re-adjust rarity, image aesthetics, etc. In the encryption community, code laws are extremely important, and only by following the code logic can lasting justice and fairness be achieved.

In the basic components, we have incorporated some design symbols unique to Bitcoin and Satoshi. Among these 21,000 unique images, will any one of them just collide with the form of Satoshi Nakamoto himself at a certain moment? All this is expected.

The mission of the Who is Satoshi is to create a community that provides community authoring tools, practical authoring programs, and open design resources, and brings together like-minded people. By doing so, we help the community turn inspired side projects into real products and meaningful ideas into reality. That's why we are the Who is Satoshi. Together, we will do amazing things in the crypto world and the Web3 community.

Mystery Boxes

The Who is Satoshi NFTs will be minted in the form of mysterious boxes. Every minted mystery box transfering will trigger the change of owner status, thus opening the NFT mystery gift box that has been minted, showing the specific content art.

BSC Rainbow

Build right from the beginning

  • You own the IP of the PFP you hold
  • IPFS hosting, Traits will be on the chain soon
  • Utility NFTs that unlock rewards based on holding time
  • Visit the WIS Metaverse, codenamed Project Metalex

Support the community

We believe NFTs are an efficient way to provide real-world benefits in a non-traditional way. We plan to use this project to better continue to contribute to the community.

for example:

  • Provides monthly grants to people starting a new project or business in the community.
  • Provide industry-specific tools and equipment to the community, so that they can better contribute to the community.
  • Provide the community with subscription support for products required by the Web3 ecosystem such as Subgraph, Alchemy, AWS, and Google Cloud.

postscript: If you or your community would like to collaborate, please contact